Sunlit is located in the capital region of upstate New York. We recently celebrated our 30th year of breeding.

I have been fascinated with the shaded and smoke colors since I saw my first shaded kitty
back in the 70's. The very delecate nature of the color combined with large copper eyes
and that "wide-eyed" expression sold me for good.

To me there is nothing more beautiful, exiting and exhilerating as seeing a lovely shaded cameo, coat flying in the breeze streaking playfully through the house.

We specialize in shaded colors with emphasis on red tipped cameos and
shaded creams. We also have shaded tortie and occasionally red, black and blue smokes and
smoke torties.

The health of our cats is of prime importance as is breeding to the CFA standard. We have been
successful throughout the years producing winning offspring from our lines.

We do not like to keep too many cats and so we sell our best to select catteries world wide.

Take a look at our show kitties and breeders. The combinations of many strong, solid, well producing winning lines has worked for us throughout the years.

Perhaps you see a SUNLIT cat in your future.